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With a combination of practical advice and warmly helpful personal insights, The Broken Heart Toolkit sets out a step-by-step guide to building a long-term, self-help program like no other in this field.

Celebrated journalist Paul Thorn brings his considerable personal experience of loss, self-hating, self-examination and self-helping to The Broken Heart Toolkit. This book will provide you with an understanding of the ‘mechanics’ of a broken heart, from an explanation of the resulting emotional pain experienced when a relationship ends to how it can be utilized in a positive way to build a more whole and emotionally independent self. It presents a set of practical tools and a method to address how to get from one to the other in a proactive way.


The Broken Heart Toolkit is a valued companion on your journey as you rediscover a new sense of self. It’s a practical, step-by-step workbook that will help you to love yourself, so when you’re ready to love again you’ll be bringing the real you to the table – from the heart.

No two relationships are the same and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to a broken heart. Why not discover if this book is right for you and read the first chapter for free! If you don't identify - then this book isn't for you. It's cost you nothing and I wish you luck on your journey. If you do identify, then for the price of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake - this book may just change your life!


Why not try it first before even spending a penny and discover why The Sun says this book is; "one of the best reads around if you're dealing with a broken heart"?